Improved real time measurements in main aircraft components

The next generation of aircraft is in need of sensors to meet the requirements of new challenges: safer instrumentation, more reliable, with reduced cost and bulk.

Opsens Solutions fiber optic sensors offer a broad set of advantages perfectly tailored for the aerospace industry: Intrinsically safe, immune to electrical disturbances, highly reliable, easy to adapt, and requiring almost no maintenance. The same interface provides critical parameters such as pressure, temperature, deformation and strain.

Also, today aircraft structure is now integrating more and more composite material. However, the gain in weight and space is getting less obvious since the need to install more grounding capabilities like Faraday cages and to significantly increase shielding of electrical cables. By using fiber optic technology, the elimination of electrical threats will also remove all those bulky systems.

These advantages will put Opsens Solutions fiber optic sensors as the future instrumentation for many applications such as:

  • Hard landing detection
  • Hydraulic temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Fuel tank level monitoring and surveillance of fuel management systems
  • Temperature and pressure monitoring in air management systems (bleed air, ventilation, conditioning)
  • Replacement of electrical RVDT and LVDT of flight controls
  • Strain monitoring of critical components like landing gear
  • Strain monitoring of rotating components (rotor and blades)
  • Real time monitoring of weight and its distribution in the aircraft

Bringing significant benefits to the aerospace industry

  • Eliminate the EMC/EMI threat, both from a source and victim perspective
  • Reduce weight
  • Gain room
  • Reduce cost
  • Eliminate ignition sources in fuel tank
  • Increase in reliability and precision
  • No drift
  • Provide information not available so far
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