A career that matters, with a company making a difference

When you join the talented team at Opsens, you are not just taking a job… you are aligning yourself to an exciting way of life and a chance to improve the quality of life for millions.

At Opsens, we embody a culture that encourages people to venture beyond the surface and take everything a step further. Our team-oriented projects encompass a multitude of activities, tasks and efforts that ensure there is never a dull day at our company.

Our doors are perennially open to quality people with high caliber talent. We seek individuals who are smart, adaptable and always interested in taking on new challenges.

If you are motivated by innovation, creativity and opportunity for growth—and wish to work in an environment that appreciates your effort, then we invite you to be part of the Opsens team!

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    About Opsens

    Fiber optic sensors manufacturer offering solutions for Life Sciences, Medical, Oil and Gas, Power Transformer, Aerospace, Defense & OEM.