Aerospace and Defense

Opsens solutions for Aerospace and Defense Industries

Fiber optic sensor is getting attraction in the aerospace and defence due to its intrinsically safe feature, its resistance to withstand harsh environment capability such as intense EMI, high temperature, chemical corrosion, high pressure, high voltage and lightning environments. Its light weight and small size permits weight reduction on different monitoring areas and the capacity of long range operation still conserving high sensitivity and large bandwidth ensuring a long term reliable monitoring.


For EMC testing and electrical current measurement for EED devices.

Opsens Solutions‘ RadSens-2 signal conditioners and OTG-R fiber optic temperature sensors are becoming the standard for Radio and Radar Radiation Hazards (RADHAZ/HERO) applications, and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) assessment applications by ensuring unparalleled precision and stability of EED temperature measurement. The RadSens can take an absolute temperature measurement at rates of up to 1000 samples/sec.

The evolving more powerful radar and transmitting has lead the industry to use more sensitive electro explosive device. Opsens has developed a complete system for the current measurement for EED devices and delivers an innovating fiber optic solution. The unique characteristics of these products make them the solution of choice for the Navy, the Air, and the Army forces around the world.

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Integrated in aircraft systems

Intrinsically safe, immune to electrical disturbances, highly reliable and easy to adapt, fiber optic sensors are becoming the instrumentation for the next generation of aircraft.

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