OPP-GD - Fiber Optic Differential Pressure Sensor

Bidirectional differential pressure sensor

The innovative OPP-GD, is a compact wet/dry differential pressure sensor measuring both negative and positive differential pressure (bidirectional sensor). With a length less than 100 mm and  a diameter less than 40 mm, the sensor can be easily mounted in limited space.

The differential pressure sensor combines efficiently two major benefits: a very robust design to sustain high static pressure in harsh environment and high sensitivity to measure minute  changes in differential pressure between two points of a pressurized system. Even with a static pressure of 30 bar, the sensor can measure millibar differential pressure variations with an accuracy of 0.1%.

The intrinsically safe nature of the technology enables pressure monitoring in hazardous environment with explosive atmosphere. The fiber optic technology provides complee immunity from electromagnetic interferences, vibrations, high voltage, electrostatic surge, and lightning.

The differential pressure sensor can be delivered with an embedded temperature probe. Requiring no maintenance or calibration, the sensor is a true Plug & Forget measuring device.


  • Very compact and ultra-robust
  • Fully bidirectional: positive and negative diff. pressure
  • Complete EMI/RFI/Lightning immunity
  • Intrinsically safe
  • High precision


  • Fuel Management
  • Leak detection in pressurized system
  • Flow rate analysis
  • Eplosive atmosphere conditions
  • Detection of small pressure variations
  • Strong EMI or High voltage areas
  • Precise liquid level monitoring
  • Cooling and HVAC systems
Differential pressure range

± 200 mbar, ± 1000 mbar and higher (contact factory)
0 to +50 mbar, 0 to +200 mbar and higher (for liquid level application)

Operating static pressure

Up to 30 bar

Proof pressures

Static: 45 bar; Differential: 3 times of the +diff. F.S., 1.5 time of the –diff. F.S.

Precision & Resolution

0.1% of the ± diff. F.S. and < 0.02% of the ±diff. F.S. respectively


Complete immunity

Wet & Dry pressure ports

Positive port: wet; Negative port: dry

Housing & Wetted materials

Stainless Steel 316 housing. Wetted materials: primarily SS 316 and Silicon, but contact factory to verify fluid compatibility.


0.6 Kg

Optical Cable type

From ruggedized flexible outdoor cable to robust stainless steel cable

Optical cable lenght

Up to 3 km (Sampling rate dependent, contact factory for more details)

Optical connector

SCA (Standard), other types (FCA, LCA, etc.) of connector available on request

Signal conditioner compatibility

All Opsens Solutions’ WLPI series of signal conditioners

Opsens Solutions Inc. reserves the right to make any changes to the above specifications without prior notice.

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