ODP-B Fiber optic displacement sensor

Multi-purpose fiber optic displacement sensor

Opsens Solutions’ ODP-B fiber optic displacement sensor is designed to offer high precision in the most demanding environments. Combined with Opsens Solutions’  WLPI signal conditioning technology (# 7,259,862) and with the inherent advantages of fiber optics, the ODP-B delivers unprecedented repeatability, resolution and  reliability in the most adverse conditions such as high level of EM, RF, MR and microwave field environments.

The standard model comes with 10 mm or 25 mm linear stroke length and with one micron resolution. The new generation of displacement sensor (ODP-B sensor) is fully made of stainless-steel material and dielectric material to remove any corrosion and galvanic corrosion risk. Specialy design for ruggedized industrial application.

The ODP-B is compatible with all Opsens Solutions’ WLPI signal conditioners. This precise and robust sensor, available with different optical cables length is customizable according to customer specific applications or for OEM-type applications.


  • 10 mm & 25 mm linear stroke length standard
  • Outstanding resolution
  • Robust construction and water splash proof housing
  • Convenient wall mount attachment
  • Intrinsically safe
  • EMI/RFI and microwave immune
  • OEM-type and custom version


  • Civil engineering and geotechnical applications
  • EM, RF and microwave environments
  • Automotive, robotic systems
  • High voltage environments
  • Aeronautic & aerospace applications
  • Material science
  • Nuclear and hazardous environments
  • RF and microwave drying applications
Linear stroke length

10 mm & 25 mm standard (other stroke lengths available upon request)


1 micron (based on 20 data samples averaging)


0.2% F.S. (@ 25 °C)


0.05% F.S

Operating temperature range

-40 to 85 °C (higher or lower temperature range available upon request)

Operating humidity range

0-100 %

EMI/RFI susceptibility

Complete immunity

Construction material

Full Stainless Steel 316 body


300g. (excluding cable)

Load mechanism

Spring return for fully extended shaft at rest (spring load can be removed)

Optical connector

LCA (Standard), SCA (Standard), other connector available on request

Cable length

Up to 3 km (Sampling rate dependent, consult factory for more details)

Signal conditioner compatibility

All Opsens Solutions WLPI signal conditioners

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