Opsens Solutions’ pavement & road structure fiber optic monitoring solutions

Opsens Solutions offers reliable retrofit fiber optic strain and displacement solutions to monitor pavement and road infrastructure in harsh environment.

Opsens Solutions fiber optic sensors are attractive for many reasons. Among others, small dimensions, intrinsic immunity to electromagnetic interference and capability to operate in harsh environments make them an attractive alternative to electrical sensors for road pavement response monitoring and similar applications. The new optical load cell also overcomes many of the problems caused by existing technologies – gauge misalignment and displacement due to excessive thermal and mechanical stresses.


Measurement of strain and deflection in pavement structures is essential for the development and the validation of mechanistic pavement response models and to support pavement design and analysis methods.

  • Predict accurate pavement behaviour with precise analysis under simulated traffic
  • Identify structure critical stress point with multi-depth monitoring
  • Quantify the effects different tire inflation pressure on road performances.
  • Provide detailed analysis of pavement response during seasonal variation like spring thaw.

Benefits & Added Value

Designed to perform in a harsh outdoor environment, Opsens Civil Engineering solution is ideal to monitor pavement structure performance. It combines deflectometer and strain sensors designed for accurate measurement of pavement response under a moving load and provide reliable data to engineers in charge of improving structure lifetime.

Sensors assemblies are easy to install and are well adapted for measurements of horizontal strains and vertical deflection in existing pavements.

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