Fiber optic pressure sensor used in medical devices system and biopharmaceutical research and development activities.

Optical OPP-M250 and OPP-B pressure sensors for R&D activities in the medical field that requires reliable pressure measurement.

Fiber optic pressure sensor has been attracting attention in the medical devices industry especially the growing segment focused on minimally invasive treatment and the increased demand for reliable pressure measurement.

Opsens OPP-M ultra-compact MEMS based catheter-tip pressure transducer is widely suitable for pressure monitoring where accurate pressure reading is required in disposable OEM clinical applications.


With Opsens’ unique design, the OPP-M sensor offers the highest performance available in the market in terms of size, accuracy, thermal stability, moisture induced drift and mechanical robustness.

  • High fidelity pressure measurements with no hysteresis, motion artifact, and signal drift
  • High frequency response preserves signal integrity and prevents damping of signal
  • Lesser invasive catheterization practices with catheter size reduction
  • Increase functionality with immunity to MR, RF, MW, EM and electro surgery environments
  • Easy integration without complicated wire harness leads to manufacturing cost reduction and high production yield
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