Opsens’ optical sensor for animal physiological pressure measurement

Miniature catheter tip pressure transducer enables measurement precisely and accurately at the source.

Opsens OPP-M250 pressure sensor is available in bare packaging or with protective tubing for more robust handling. Intrinsically safe, immune to EM, MR, NMR and RF field, the OPP-M250 accurately measures the pressure without any artefacts or signal distortion.


Opsens OPP-M250 pressure sensor is an ideal solution for measuring highly accurate pressures. Our pressure solution is used in measuring arterial and ventricular blood pressures, spinal pressures, intracranial, intraocular, tumor pressures or airway pressures. It features complete immunity to microwaves and RF (EMI/RFI), MRI and NMR. With Opsens’ unique design, the OPP-M sensor offers the highest performance available

in the market in terms of size, accuracy, thermal stability, moisture induced drift and mechanical robustness.

  • High fidelity pressure measurements with no hysteresis, motion artifact, and signal drift
  • High frequency response preserves signal integrity and prevents damping of signal
  • Increase functionality with immunity to MR, RF, MW, EM and electro surgery environments


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