Smart instrumentation for transport and storage Oil & Gas facilities

Versatile, safe and reliable fiber optic monitoring solution

Explosion-proof assemblies

In downstream applications, most applications involve instrumentation in areas where flammable gases are produced and stored.

To avoid fatalities and catastrophic environmental problems, electrical based sensors are enclosed in safer explosion-proof assemblies and are subject to tough regulations. However, they cannot be 100% safe as non-dielectric devices could become a potential source of ignition in the presence of highly energetic fields.

Opsens sensing system totally eliminates such threat. The technology is not affected by electromagnetic fields or energy bursts like lightning strikes. Very robust fiber optic cables, free of metal parts, are used to provide a fully dielectric advantage. Moreover, the sensors themselves are intrinsically safe: the maximum energy transferred at sensor location is a few microwatts. It is perfectly tailored for ATEX related environments.

Whether it is for monitoring the fuel level in an underground tank, or to control critical parameters inside a LNG plant, these sensors can monitor pressure, temperature, strain and deformation with high reliability.

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