Spot-welded strain sensor and extensometer

Smart sensor for smarter infrastructure.

The unique properties of the fiber optic strain sensor makes it insensitive to temperature variation. Thus, the heat generated by the spot welding process will not affect the performances of the sensor. Not affected by transverse strain, the sensor doesn’t need to be compensated for transverse deformation.

The spot-welded strain sensor can be packaged for usage in permanent immersed applications such as those related to dam or tank and even pressurized environment like penstock pipes. The sealed version can withstand a pressure of up to 300 bars.

Intrinsically safe, these sensors are the obvious choice for hazardous environment such as those having explosive atmosphere and under ATEX directive.


  • High voltage area
  • Radiated environment
  • Marine and subsea conditions (sealed up to 300 bars)
  • ATEX environment and zone exposed to explosive atmosphere
  • From cryogenic to high temperature application up to 250 Celsius
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