OTG-R Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

Fiber optic temperature sensor for Hero/Radhaz applications

Opsens Solutions’ OTG-R fiber optic temperature sensor offers the highest performances in the industry. The probe is perfectly tailored for reliable measurement of Electromagnetic Environmental Effects on Electrically Initiated Devices (EID’s). The OTG-R sensor uses the well proven technique based on the temperature-dependent bandgap of GaAs crystal as the temperature transduction mechanism. Its small sensing GaAs crystal located at the tip of the optical fiber makes it convenient for bridge wire assembly and temperature monitoring for HERO/RADHAZ applications.

Opsens Solutions’ OTG-R is immune to mechanical vibration and accepts extension cables without any signal degradation. The OTG-R delivers unprecedented repeatability and reliability in the most adverse conditions such as high level of EM, RF, MR and microwave field environments.

The OTG-R is made with industry standard optical fiber and is compatible with Opsens Solutions’ SCBG (Semiconductor Bandgap) RadSens signal conditioner. This compact and robust fiber optic temperature sensor is available with different optical cables and sheath options and is customizable according to customer specific applications.

Opsens Solutions offers not only customized OTG-R sensors, we also provide custom installation services on a variety of EEDs available in the market.


  • Fast response time
  • Small and robust design
  • Resolution of < 35 dB below NFT
  • Complete immunity to mechanical vibration and multiple optical connections
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Immune to EMI, RFI and electrical interferences


  • HERO/RADHAZ assessment
  • Electronic Explosive Devices type application
  • Dynamic temperature monitoring application
  • Surface point temperature type application
Temperature operating range

0 °C to +120 °C (Higher temperature ranges available upon request)


< 35 dB below NFT

Response time

< 5 ms

MRI/EMI/RFI susceptibility

Complete immunity

Cable length

1.5 meters standard (Other lengths available)

Optical connector

ST standard

Sensor diameter

0.15 mm O.D. (Smaller version available upon request)

Cable sheathing

PVC tight buffer (Other option available)

Signal conditioner compatibility

Opsens Solutions’ SCBG RadSens signal conditioner

Opsens Solutions Inc. reserves the right to make any changes to the above specifications without prior notice.

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