OTG-M170 Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor

GaAs-based fiber optic temperature sensor for tip measurement applications.

Opsens Solutions’ OTG-M170 fiber optic temperature sensor offers the smallest optical temperature sensor in the industry. The OTG-M170 sensor uses the well proven technique based on the temperature-dependent bandgap of GaAs crystal as the temperature transduction mechanism. Its small sensing GaAs crystal located at the tip of the optical fiber makes it convenient for tip measurement applications.

Combined with Opsens Solutions’  SCBG (Semiconductor Bandgap) signal conditioning technology and with the inherent advantages of fiber optic, the OTG-M170 delivers unprecedented repeatability and reliability in the most adverse conditions such as high level of EM, RF, MR, NMR and microwave field environments.

The OTG-M170 is made with industry standard optical fiber and is compatible with all Opsens Solutions’ SCBG (Semiconductor Bandgap) signal conditioners. This compact and robust fiber optic temperature sensor is available with different optical cables and sheath options and is customizable according to customer specific applications or for OEM-type applications.


  • Fastest response time
  • Smallest and robust design
  • Good accuracy and outstanding repeatability
  • EMI/RFI and microwave immune
  • Intrinsically safe
  • OEM-type and custom version


  • RF, ultrasound environments
  • Temperature monitoring for  industrial applications
  • Surface and core temperature monitoring in MRI environments
Typical temperature operating range

-40 °C to + 250 °C (Other ranges available upon request)


0.01 °C


± 0.8 °C or better for other temperature range

Response time

10 ms or better

Operating humidity range

0-100 %

MRI/EMI/RFI susceptibility

Complete immunity


NIST traceable

Cable length

1.5 meters standard (Other lengths available)

Optical connector

LCA, ST standard

Cable sheathing

Teflon™ ( ≥ 85 °C)

Signal conditioner compatibility

All Opsens Solutions’  SCBG signal conditioners

Opsens Solutions Inc. reserves the right to make any changes to the above specifications without prior notice.

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