OPP-W - Pressure and Temperature sensor

Robust fiber optic pressure/temperature sensor for extreme temperature


The OPP-W is a revolutionary fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor resulting from Opsens Solutions’ advanced and market leading expertise in both fiber optic and pressure sensor technologies. The OPP-W, which is based on an optical sensing element made of monocrystalline sapphire, offers superior performances, robustness, durability, and hydrogen and corrosion resistance compared to conventional sensors.

The blending of Opsens Solutions WLPI signal conditioning technology with its all-sapphire optical sensing technology delivers long term accuracy, durability, low drift and high fidelity pressure and temperature measurements in the harshest applications such as high temperature & hydrogen rich downhole oil and gas, EMI, RFI, high voltage, combustive and explosive environments.

The OPP-W is a Fabry-Perot interferometer based, fiber optic pressure and temperature sensor constructed from highly durable and corrosion resistant sapphire material. Designed especially for demanding hazardous environments, it is encased in robust inconel-718 housing for applications requiring a rugged sensor. The OPP-W delivers in- situ and continuous monitoring of both downhole pressure and temperature.

Key features

  • High operating temperature (+300 °C)
  • Excellent accuracy and long term stability
  • High resistance in hydrogen rich environments
  • High resistance in corrosive environments
  • EMI/RFI immunity and intrinsically safe
  • Robust packaging, low thermal sensitivity


  • Downhole sensing solutions
  • CO2 storage (reservoir surveillance)
  • Downhole monitoring in thermal EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery)
  • Intelligent and smart field instrumentation
Pressure range (absolute)

0 – 5000 kPa (0 – 750 psi).  (up to 10000 kPa (1450 psi) Upon request)

Temperature range

-40 °C to +300 °C (higher temperature available upon request)

Pressure accuracy

± 0.2 % F.S.

Pressure resolution

0.002 % F.S.  or better

Long term pressure stability

0.5 % F.S.  per annum at 300 °C

Compensated operation temperature range

0 to 300 °C

Proof pressure

200 % F.S.

Temperature accuracy

± 0.7  °C

Temperature resolution

0.1  °C or better

EM/RF/MW susceptibility

Complete immunity

Opsens Solutions Inc. reserves the right to make any changes to the above specifications without prior notice.

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