Increasing reliability of Power semiconductor devices - IGBT

Fiber optic sensor for smarter power modules

Temperature is a key parameter that affects the operation and reliability of power electronic systems. Therefore, there is a growing need for more accurate measurement methods. Temperature measurement of fiber optic sensors can have a unique added value in predicting remaining life (based on physics-based degradation models) and in unlocking new revenue streams in applications with advanced condition-based monitoring requirements (e.g., remote asset health monitoring/life prognostic services).


Power Cycling

Integrated in Power Cycling and Mission Profiling, fiber optic sensors provide accurate Junction Temperature for thermal characteristics extraction of IGBT, elaboration of lifetime laws and study of stability of power dies. They provide significant advantages:

  • Limited intrusiveness
  • Response time in the millisecond
  • Can be used on gel filled modules
  • Sensor could be as small as 150 µm
  • No influence on converter operation
  • Operating range of -200 to 350 °C
  • No risk to operator (high voltage)
  • Very high spatial resolution
  • No drift over time


Permanent Monitoring

It’s also a reliable permanent instrumentation solution for critical infrastructure. Active monitoring of power modules during operation to avoid unplanned failure, predict maintenance, replacement, or end of life in dangerous environment, remote locations such as offshore platforms, and transportation systems.

Significant benefits from such integration:

  • Built-in monitoring capability during operation
  • Unlock additional revenues with smart inverters
  • Increase the availability/lifetime of power modules
  • Reduce operation & maintenance costs
  • Increase revenues with “IoT ready” added value


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