Fiber optic distributed temperature (DTS)

Temperature profiling provides well operators with critical information related to the real conditions in the reservoirs.

High reliability

Opsens Solutions relies on Well.Done Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system from LIOS Technology. Through close collaboration, the DTS offering has been optimized to work in various conditions; even in the  harsh O&G environments like SAGD. The LIOS DTS technology is a Raman DTS technology based on Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry (OFDR) instead of time domain (OTDR). The result is high reliability and spatial resolution. Distributed temperature measurements are provided with spatial resolution of up to 0.25 m throughout the entire optical fibre length. The LIOS DTS utilizes a pure silica core single mode fibre (SM) which has proven to be very effective to resist to the effects of hydrogen ingress (hydrogen darkening). The lab results in the following figure minimal optical losses in the presence of hydrogen at sustained temperatures of 300˚C. Based on these results, an operating time for this fibre is expected at over ten years.

This reliable DTS solution is specifically designed for harsh environment and high temperature applications such as:

  • Steam mass flow profiling
  • Thermal profile in SAGD well
  • RT Monitoring of fracking operations
  • Monitoring of gas lift valve operation
  • Temperature monitoring in hot environment


  • Enhance oil and gas recovery
  • Increase production yields
  • Track well production changes over time
  • Reduce frequency of well interventions
  • Improve reservoir management strategies
  • Supply in-flow distribution along the reservoir
  • Detect early water, steam (SAGD), or gas breakthrough and its location
  • Observe steam flooding performance
  • Verify and allocate cross flow


  • Downhole sensing solutions
  • Downhole monitoring in thermal OER
  • Intelligent and smart instrumentation

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