The safe method for in-situ temperature monitoring in microwave heating food applications

Intrinsically safe, complete immunity to electromagnetic energy, microwave and RF; fiber optic temperature sensor provides reliable in-situ temperature monitoring in these environments

Microwave temperature sensor

Real time temperature monitoring is essential for the development and control of dielectric heating processes in food and agriculture processing applications such as drying, cooking, thawing, pasteurization and sterilization. It allows researchers to identify the precise safe and effective cooking temperature and time in new frozen product development and to ensure efficient food irradiation, sterilization and pasteurization.

It is also use in microwave oven design phase relating to test kitchen such as cooking guides, auto reheat/cook program.

Microwave and RF heating are rapid.  Opsens OTG-M280 with the ProSens system allows a dynamic temperature sampling up to 1000 Hz can accurately follow the rapid temperature changes in these applications.

Key features

  • ± 08 °C total system accuracy
  • Robust design, available in different sizes and packaging
  • Outstanding repeatability
  • MRI/EMI/RFI and microwave immune
  • Intrinsically safe

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