Pressure monitoring during high temperature short-time microwave process

Intrinsically safe, immune to electromagnetic, microwave, RF fields with no electrical conductance; optical sensors can be used reliably for researches conducted in these harsh environments.

Pressure monitoring is crucial in microwavable food packaging and other research activities. Pressure sensor can be very useful in studying the influence of internal pressure on texture and drying rate during microwave and RF drying operations.

Opsens sensor provides the researchers the pressure profile during microwave process ensuring proper seal strength of its packaging.

Pressure profile also applies to quality monitoring in complex food and biological materials.  Pressure build-up has some effect internally and caused the materials to behave differently if not controlled or minimized. Pressure sensor can be used to investigate the combined effect of temperature and pressure in food materials subjected to microwave.

Key Features

  • High temperature, high pressure
  • EMI/RFI and Microwave immune
  • Intrinsically safe
  • Repeatable and reliable


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