Opsens fiber optic sensor for continuous temperature monitoring in microwave assisted chemistry, digestion

Intrinsically safe, complete immunity to microwave and radio frequencies, optical sensors offers in-situ monitoring which is critical during the chemical digestion process.

Microwave digestion offers high-pressure and temperature systems in order to increase reaction rates and decrease digestion times for sample preparation in chemical analysis.  One of the most important parameters is temperature monitoring during the microwave digestion processing.

Unlike non-contact type temperature sensor, Opsens’ OTG-Q fiber optic sensor can be placed directly in the pressure vessel for in-situ sample temperature measurement during microwave processing.

It provides the researchers the true temperature profile of the test sample hence accurately and optimizing the chemical reaction process control.

With its immunity to RF interference and its high resistance to temperature and pressure, Opsens Solutions’ OTG-Q sensor is perfectly fit for microwave assisted chemistry process.

Key features

  • Robust design
  • Welded tip design
  • Outstanding repeatability and good accuracy
  • EMI/RFI and microwave immune
  • Intrinsically safe
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