Fiber Optic Temperature sensor for medical device system research

Opsens GaAs fiber optic temperature sensors are ideal for accurate temperature measurement for medical device system validation works.

Many materials properties show strong temperature dependence.  In order to utilize or compensate temperature effects, its measurements are required.  Opsens’ fiber optic temperature solution offers robust sensor packaging highly suitable for daily handling, long term reliability so to ensure your research data integrity.  Opsens’ sensors are available in different packaging from compact size of 0.17mmOD to 3.00mm OD.

Opsens system is user-friendly with versatile data output options. Systems are available from single channel to 16-channel configuration.  Only Opsens’ GaAs system employs the absolute wavelength calibration method and an internal reference cell, ensuring long term system stability and accuracy.


  • Complete immunity to RF, EM, MR and electrical interferences
  • Total system (signal conditioner and sensor) accuracy of ± 0.3°C
  • Not susceptible to fiber bend and multiple connections
  • Consistent and accurate temperature reading from “sensor-to-sensor” and “system-to-system”
  • Sensor can be mix and match with any readout without any degradation in accuracy level
  • Available in different sizes and versatile packaging

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