Patient temperature monitoring in MRI and RF environment using fiber optic temperature sensor

Opsens offers customized fiber optic temperature sensors and OEM readouts for patient temperature monitoring during MRI, NMR examinations and RF ablation procedures.

Opsens’ OTG-M3000 fiber optic temperature sensor and OEM-MNT solution are designed to be integrated into MR patient monitor.

Our robust sensors are offered in:

  • Surface skin temperature probe
  • Core temperature probe
  • Customized temperature sensor for nasal and esophageal.

Opsens’ intrinsically safe OTG-M420 and OTG-MPK5 fiber optic temperature sensors are designed to provide accurate temperature monitoring during MR, RF ablation and hyperthermia process. These compact tip sensing temperature transducers are designed to provide high accuracy tissue temperature reading.


Designed to perform in stringent environments, the OTG-M is not susceptible to external perturbations, fiber bend, and multiple connections and is completely immune to EM, RF, MR and electrosurgical interference.

The OTG-M170 sensors require no gauge factor entry and they can be mix and match with Opsens GaAs/SCBG signal conditioner without any degradation in accuracy level due to our unique “sensor-to-sensor” and “system-to-system” consistency feature.

Measuring 170 micron OD, the OTG-M170 is the smallest optical temperature sensor offering a response time of 10ms. It offers ± 0.3°C accuracy demanded in the medical industry requirements on the full temperature range from 20 °C to + 80 °C.

Opsens high accuracy fiber optic sensors are available in both reusable and cost effective disposable version.

  • Complete immunity to RF, EM, MR and electrical interferences
  • Not susceptible to fiber bending and multiple connections
  • Consistent and accurate temperature reading from “sensor-to-sensor” and “system-to-system”
  • Sensor can be mix and match with any readout without any degradation in accuracy level
  • Easy installation and embedment into catheter
  • Total system (signal conditioner and sensor) accuracy of ± 0.3°C
  • No gauge factor entering
  • Competitive cost solution


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