Opsens’ cardiovascular blood pressure monitoring solutions

Miniature and high fidelity fiber optic pressure sensing solutions for OEM clinical applications.

Opsens’ OPP-M miniature and tip sensing fiber optic sensor is ideal sensor for making cardiovascular blood pressure catheter.

Intrinsically safe, the optical pressure transducers provide dynamic frequency response time with minimal temperature shift and moisture induced drift.

This interchangeable sensor with pressure range from -50mmHg to +300mmHg and a resolution of 0.5mmHg is compatible with Opsens’ WPLI LIFESENS 250 Hz and our OEM-MNT-P which is design for easy OEM integration.


Opsens’ Ø 0.25mm is ultra-compact MEMS based optical pressure transducer. It permits the reduction of catheter size which represents a significant advantage over more conventional pressure measurement system. The ability in size reduction allows lesser invasive catheterization practices, enables new practices which were not possible in the past; provides extended capabilities for new applications yet, delivering high fidelity pressure measurement.

Designed as catheter-tip pressure transducer, Opsens’ OPP-M250 provides high frequency response and accurate pressure readings due to the proximity to the measurement location.

Opsens’ OPP-M250 novel design resolved two of the most important issues faced in the industry – temperature shift and moisture-induced drifting problem. In addition, they experience no hysteresis, motion artifact, bend effect and/or signal drift in time.

Immune to electromagnetic interference (EMI), magnetic resonance imaging interference (MRI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) as well as electro-surgery environments, these sensors are able to provide in-situ pressure measurement in the presence of harsh environments.

  • Miniature size starting from 250μm OD
  • High fidelity and artifact-free pressure measurement
  • Dynamic response with no time delay
  • Not susceptible to hysteresis, motion artifact and fiber bend
  • Minimal temperature shift and moisture induced drift 100% immune to EM and RF fields or interference generated by electric scalpel and MRI systems
  • Easy sensor integration and embedment
  • Cost competitive

Opsens optical sensors are dedicated for applications where high accuracy, ultra-miniature and low cost is required in either disposable or reusable OEM applications. Opsens has OEM ready product and we also work closely with our clients to devise the best possible solution to suit the conditions dictated by each application.


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