Opsens’ animal physiology temperature monitoring using advanced fiber optic temperature solution

Miniature and high accuracy fiber optic temperature sensors for preclinical applications.

Opsens offers a wide range of MRI compatible optical temperature transducers and controllers ideal for animal physiological temperature monitoring during MR imaging, NMR and RF procedures. Signal conditioners available in single and multichannel system configurations, easy to use with complete system management and data acquisition features.

Opsens OTG-M series MRI compatible optical temperature transducers designed for the animal physiological temperature monitoring provides real time accurate temperature reading in the presence of MR, NMR and RF. Available in different sizes, robustness and packaging, the OTG-M series provides ideal balance of flexibility and rigidity, ensuring easy insertion and handling.

The OTG-M is available as surface and core temperature probe and our controller units comes with full features system management and data acquisition software.


Opsens offers full features fiber optic system for animal physiological temperature monitoring. Designed to perform in stringent environments, the OTG-M is not susceptible to external perturbations, fiber bend, multiple connections and is completely immune to EM, RF, MR and electrosurgical interference.

Opsens system is user friendly, it requires no gauge factor entering and they can be mix and match with Opsens GaAs signal conditioner without any degradation in accuracy level.

Measuring 170 micron OD, the OTG-M170 is the smallest optical temperature sensor offering a frequency response time of less than 10ms. Opsens’ OTG-M360 and OTG-M420 are less than 500 micron OD which are highly suitable for small animal temperature measurement. The OTG-A is usually used as surface temperature probe or core temperature probe for larger animal.

Opsens signal conditioners are available in single channel and multichannel. Each conditioner can be controlled directly using the front-panel keypad or remotely using the standard RS-232 interface. Included with system purchase, the SoftSens software, an indispensable diagnostic tool with advanced graphic interface is ideal for system management and data acquisition functions.

For high field MR application, please consult our AccuSens and OTP-M sensor product literatures.

  • Complete immunity to RF, EM, MR and electrical interferences
  • Total system (signal conditioner and sensor) accuracy of ± 0.3°C
  • Not susceptible to fiber bend and multiple connections
  • Consistent and accurate temperature reading from “sensor-to-sensor” and “system-to-system”
  • Sensor can be mix and match with any readout without any degradation in accuracy level
  • Available in different sizes and versatile packaging

No gauge factor entering

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