Fiber optic temperature, pressure, strain, linear displacement and force and load sensor for general industrial application

Intrinsic immunity to EMI/RFI, fiber optic transducers are the reliable sensing solution in high voltage and harsh environment applications.

Opsens Solutions fiber optic sensors in temperature, pressure, deformation and displacement are designed to delivery accurate measurements in harsh environments and in the presence of EMI, MRI, RF, microwave and high voltage. We have solutions for your needs in:

  • RF and microwave processing:
    – RF wood drying
    – RF grain drying
    – Composite and resin curing polymerization
    – Composite and lightweight structure test under RF curing
    – Remediation or bioremediation
  • Temperature measurement or monitoring under high voltage and EMI/RFI environments
  • Temperature measurement in the automotive industry (Exhaust gas temperature from internal engine)
  • Nuclear industry
  • Cryogenic applications
  • Superconducting magnet
  • Fuel cell applications


  • Small and robust design
  • Good accuracy and outstanding repeatability
  • EMI/RFI and microwave immune
  • Intrinsically safe
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