A safer a more reliable monitoring solution for coal mining and coal seam gas applications

Surveillance of pressure, temperature and deformation without impairing safety.

Coal seam fire is a major concern for coal mining activities and gas extraction method such as CBM and CSG. Gas concentration represents a major safety issue.

Bore hole piezometers are often used to get a better understanding of the hydro geological environment of the strata over and about an operating mine to provide some insight into the effectiveness of gas drainage, the identification of potential difficult drainage areas and the behavior of overlying aquifers during mining.

However, these devices have been identified as conductive objects going from the surface into the goaf and represent a mechanism for ignition caused by nearby lightning and coupled into the hazardous zone of the mine by the metallic wires.

Opsens designed a monitoring pressure/temperature sensing solution for the mining/gas industry which is intrinsically safe. The dielectric nature of the cable and the natural advantages of fiber optic, provide a secure system impervious to lightning and reliable through the harsh conditions of coal mining applications.

A robust and reliable combination

Standalone readout unit

Designed for remote location where physical installation are not available to provide power and network, the readout units offers many features such as:

  • Wireless or satellite communication
  • Solar panel for energy
  • Robust enclosure for permanent installation

Robust sensor and cable

Made of stainless steel, the pressure gage is designed to sustain the conditions of permanent contact with fluids. The fully dielectric cable encases the optical fiber in a glass re-enforced matrix, providing the needed robustness for mining application. This unique combination can be grouted in place for permanent installation.

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