Reliable instrumentation to meet geotechnical challenges

Fiber optic instrumentation designed for downhole monitoring and mining projects.

To meet the challenges of demanding conditions related to geotechnical applications, Opsens Solutions designed a broad range of sensors for reliable instrumentation:

Temperature monitoring

Robust fiber optic temperature sensor packaged for the most demanding environment. Permanent exposure to temperature up to 250 Celsius will not impact the performances of the sensor. Maintenance free, the sensor will provide accurate and reliable measurements for decades. A must for permanent installation in geotechnical applications where access to sensor is not possible after deployment.

Pressure monitoring

Opsens Solutions’ MEMS based fiber optic pressure sensor is perfectly tailored to meet the challenge of pressure monitoring applications in submerged and/or harsh environment. It delivers long term accuracy, durability and high fidelity pressure measurement with a pressure operating range up to 5000 psi. Made of stainless steel, the pressure gage is designed to sustain the conditions of permanent contact with fluids. A fully dielectric cable encases the optical fiber in a glass re-enforced matrix, providing the needed robustness for mining application. This unique combination can be even grouted in place for permanent installation.

Adapted for a broad range of applications

  • Pressure mapping of corrosive fluids in liner of heap leach mining
  • Structural integrity monitoring of landfill linings
  • Leak detection in brine storage area
  • Downhole monitoring in Oil & Gas related project (CSG and CBM)
  • Water level surveillance in dam
  • Low flow groundwater purging and sampling
  • Ground water management
  • Engineering properties of soil
  • Pore water pressure
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