Tough instrumentation for tough conditions

Rugged heavy duty fiber optic sensors for demanding geotechnical applications.

Intrinsically safe, highly reliable, requiring almost no maintenance, and providing superior robustness, Opsens fiber optic sensors are becoming the next generation of instruments in many demanding geotechnical related applications, from reservoir surveillance to mining projects.

Completely sealed in the most resistant alloy such as stainless steel, Inconel, or Incoloy, the combination of sensor and cable is precisely designed to work in adverse conditions of temperature, pressure, and toxic or corrosive atmospheres. They are robust enough to permanently sustain a load of up to 700 bars (10,000 psi).

Stable, without drifting issue, the sensors are a true “plug and forget” instrumentation. Once installed, no intervention is ever required at sensor location. This represents a major benefit in areas where access is restricted or not possible after installation (buried in soil or grouted in place).

Capable to deal with the following conditions:

  • Underground storage area for radiated material
  • Applications with acidic chemicals such as heap leaching
  • Brine solution or corrosive fluids contained in landfill lining
  • Explosive atmosphere in downhole application (ATEX)
  • Buried under meters of ground material
  • Permanent immersion in marine environment
  • Grouted in place or embedded in concrete
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