Structural health monitoring of critical underground constructions

A safe and dependable fiber optic instrumentation specifically designed for geotechnical surveillance.

Underground infrastructure require a permanent monitoring of construction integrity. Failing sensors results in blindness for security and safety controls, and could lead to catastrophic consequences. The reliability of Opsens fiber optic technology offers significant advantages related to surveillance of geotechnical structures:

Tough and robust

Packaged in the most robust material, from stainless steel to Inconel, the sensors and cables can be used is most hazardous environment, such as the ones involving corrosive chemicals.

Intrinsically safe

The sensor is not affected by energy bursts like lightning strikes. Very robust fiber optic cables, free of metal parts, are used to provide a fully dielectric advantage.

Reliable and maintenance free

Drifting is almost non-existent. No intervention is required at sensor location. This represents a major benefit in areas where access is restricted or not possible after installation.

Long term stability

Immune to electrical disturbances and electromagnetic interferences, the sensors are also designed to provide accurate and repeatable results for permanent applications.

Highly adaptable and polyvalent

The same interface can measure pressure, temperature, strain and displacement. The sensors are designed to be easily packaged so as to meet the particular requirements of geotechnical applications.

Opsens deformation sensors include different models designed for structural health integrity surveillance:

  • Linear displacement sensor to measure movement
  • Strain sensor to monitor surface deformation
  • Extensometer for surveillance of cracks and fissures in the structure
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