Sensors for CO2 storage application

Reliable monitoring solutions for underground stored carbon dioxide


Storing excess CO2 deep underground is now a safe, and economical means to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions.

Opsens Solutions provide pressure and temperature data critical to the operation and monitoring of CO2 injection wells.  Through a variety of innovative, leading edge technologies and full service installation and support, Opsens was able to overcome the challenges presented to deliver accurate, reliable data at depths deeper than 3000m.

Multi-point pressure and temperature sensors provide information at precise locations downhole.  The Opsens-supplied Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) provides a full temperature profile along the length of the well.  The patented OPS-Z sensor carrier uses state-of-the-art Computational Fluid Dynamic studies to provide excellent cement bonding of the well, ensuring data is accurate and not being affected by fluid migration from different formation levels.

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