Reliable and safe monitoring solutions

Next generation of sensors for refining units

Substantial benefits

Opsens sensors provide substantial benefits to many chemical engineering processes used in oil refineries to transform crude oil into different oil and gas components such as liquefied petroleum gas, kerosene, diesel and fuel oils.

Monitoring critical physical parameters such as temperature, pressure, and deformation in refineries requires reliable sensing systems. The many advantages associated with Opsens fiber optic sensors are providing significant benefits to processing units, from distillation to storage.

Reliable and maintenance free

Drifting is almost nonexistent. No intervention is required at sensor location. This represents a major benefit in areas where access is restricted or not possible after installation.

Intrinsically safe

The sensor is not affected by energy bursts like lightning strikes. Very robust fiber optic cables, free of metal parts, are used to provide a fully dielectric advantage. Moreover, the white light source used can transfer a maximum energy level of a few microwatts.

Long term stability

Immune to electrical disturbances and electromagnetic interferences, the sensors are also designed to provide accurate and repeatable results for permanent applications

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