Fiber optic sensors for Oil & Gas lab and research applications

Better tools to improve energy efficiency and reduce environmental impacts

Energy efficiency

Safe, reliable, accurate, and requiring no maintenance, these sensors provide numerous advantages and are now integrated in many applications to optimize energy efficiency, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the petroleum refining industry.

Highly adaptable and polyvalent

The same interface can measure pressure, temperature, strain and displacement. The sensors are designed to be easily packaged so as to meet particular requirements of specific applications.

Long term stability and reliability

Immune to electromagnetic interferences, high voltage, microwaves and radiations, these sensors provide accurate and repeatable results for permanent applications without drifting over time and needs of regular maintenance.

Tough and robust

Packaged in the most robust material, these sensors are obvious choices in hazardous environment related to available and emerging technologies of O&G applications such as:

  • Surveillance system in advanced soil decontamination
  • Test bench for optimized combustion sources
  • Integrated sensors for treatment of wasted water from thermal oil recovery
  • Monitoring tools in improved storage tanks
  • Surveillance equipment for emerging EOR
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