Opsens Solutions is hosting an advanced workshop for HERO testing on the 20th and 21st of June 2023 in Annecy, France

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The workshop is dedicated to RadSens users in order to improve the EID instrumentation process and to optimize the critical steps related to HERO testing. The two-day session will be held at the Novotel in downtown Annecy. The hotel is easily accessible from Geneva International Airport by car (30 minutes) or direct train (90 minutes)

 Who is the workshop for

Existing RadSens users from NATO E3 group. The workshop will also present adapted content for new technicians with limited experience related to ordnance assessment with fiber optic temperature sensors.

Topics to be covered

The focus will be on the different steps required to optimize bridgewire instrumentation with fiber optic sensors. Several assembly sessions will be available to practice deploying sensors on inert EEDs in order to validate best practices related to the assembly of pyrotechnic parts with OTG-R sensors.

The workshop will also address several topics related to HERO testing:

  • Measurement optimization
  • Review of HERO testing and assessment with long and short pulse (lightning) duration stimulus
  • Real-time compensation from environmental variations
  • Best practices for test preparation
  • Dual instrumentation

The workshop will also schedule round table where attendees will describe how they currently do testing, and what new capabilities they would like to develop. Sharing expertise in instrumenting EIDs with fibre optic probes will pave the way for future enhancement of this technology in the future. 

Want more information or to register for the workshop contact: